NZXT BLD Kit review: DIY PC building with training wheels – PCWorld

NZXT BLD Kit review: DIY PC building with training wheels – PCWorld

At a glance

Expert’s Rating


  • Eliminates hassle of picking parts
  • Excellent build instructions
  • Decent configuration options
  • Reasonable markup over DIY at MSRP
  • Full customer support


  • Troubleshooting advice could be more extensive
  • Long wait times for customer support help

Our Verdict

NZXT’s BLD Kits do a superb job of taking the pain out of DIY PC assembly, with minimal upcharge for handling part research and sourcing. The full customer support also protects against the potential problems of a DIY build, too, making these kits an excellent option for new builders to consider.

Until recently, owning a desktop PC was the result of one of two choices. You went out and bought one already built, or you purchased the components and assembled it yourself. No middle path existed for those who found the idea of building a PC appealing but also daunting.

Enter NZXT and its new BLD Kits. Launched back in October, these curated collections of PC parts both eliminate the stress of selecting your own components and figuring out how to put them all together. You simply choose from one of three different configurations, wait for a box with all necessary components and tools to arrive, and then follow the detailed assembly instructions. Should anything go wrong, NZXT provides a two-year warranty and serves as a singular point of contact for customer support, even after the warranty period expires.

Naturally, as seasoned PC builders, we were curious as to how easy NZXT makes the process. Not only could a BLD Kit assuage the fears of first-time builders, but it also removes another major roadblock for kids eager to put together their first PC. Frustrated young people often write us to say that parents or guardians are leery about the lack of centralized support with a DIY PC; NZXT’s approach removes that risk.

Turns out that these BLD Kits do simplify PC building…but can’t eliminate all of the potential headaches that come up. In some ways, our experience perfectly encapsulates the highs and lows of assembling your own system—as well as the benefit of a single company at your back for support.

What you get in the box

All the parts and tools you need come packed in a single box. A keyboard and mouse must be purchased separately, though.

Alaina Yee / IDG

Our BLD Kit sample was a launch-day Streaming Plus model, which included the following components:

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