Buying Cheap Slime Online – Why it’s better than the DIY homemade option – Business – Inter Press Service

Buying Cheap Slime Online – Why it’s better than the DIY homemade option – Business – Inter Press Service

Slime, that mushy, gooey material that’s become into a social phenomenon, is a great pastime for the young and the old alike. And when you go online to the website of your favorite slime brand provider, you’ll see a diverse array of products and add-ons available for purchase. However, does buying slime online really make sense? Why not just get the ingredients and make your own? With so many “How to…” videos posted online daily, it should be a cinch to do it yourself, right?

Well…perhaps! But read on to learn what’s the best answer.

DIY Is Fun…but…! 

As a one-off project, you might be tempted to make slime from scratch. Depending on the slime you plan on creating, all you need to do is scour your pantry, or the nearest convenience store, for an assortment of items, including:

– Cornstarch

– Borax

– White school glue 

– Liquid laundry detergent

– Glitter

– Contact solution

– Shaving cream

– Shampoo

– Food coloring

The cost of these items alone, including tax, gas, time, and effort, will probably outweigh the  cost of buying readymade cheap slime online.  But as a one-time experiment, it might be worth it. However, if you love slime projects, and always use it for fun to-do stuff with kids and adults, then store-made slime is probably more cost effective. It’s also quicker to buy, leaving you lots more time to enjoy it than spend time sourcing it.

Why Buy

As a home-based slime enthusiast, making slime is probably not a passion or a profession. So, you’ll probably not want to invest too much on your “homemade slime factory”. Leading slime brand makers, on the other hand, invest lots of capital in producing and packing their products. From ingredient safety, to packaging and labeling requirements, they’re fully compliant with all the laws.

DIY slime can’t match what’s available online, especially when:

– They’re safe

– They are extremely pretty to look at

– They come in life-extending packaging, which keeps the contents soft and pliable for longer

– They’re more “stretchier” 

– They come in assorted scents and smells

– They’re available in newer, innovative, designs and textures almost daily  

Most importantly, leading slime distributors offer deals, gift packs, bundles, and monthly Subscription Boxes, that take slimming experiences to a new level. 

And, to bring out even more creative slimming juices among hobbyists, you can get amazing add-ons and seasonal accessories that make your slimming a year-around passion.    

Convenience and Cost

If you tried to recreate all the above qualities in a DIY slime-making project, you’d end up paying a lot more than you …….


Do it yourself